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Elite village "EDENROC"

A new level of luxury and comfortable living can become a reality for those who are looking for a place to live that offers not only the beauty of nature, but also modern design and comfort. EDENROC, located on the seashore in Sochi, is just such a place.

Each house in the village is a work of art, created taking into account all the principles of modern design and architecture. But how can you see how your future house will look like before it is built? The answer is 3D visualization.

3D visualization of the exterior is the process of creating an image of a virtual model of a building or house in three-dimensional space. This allows you to see what the building will look like before it is built. This is important not only for architects and designers, but also for clients to visualize what their future home will look like.

UPLAND STUDIO - specializes in commercial real estate visualization. Our team of professional designers and architects use the latest technology and software to create quality 3d exterior visualizations, architectural renderings and 3D home visualizations. We work closely with our clients to make sure each project meets their needs and desires.

Commercial visualization of EDENROC luxury village properties is an important tool to promote the property and attract potential clients. With the help of 3D visualization you will be able to see every detail of your future home - facade, roof, windows, terrace, pool and much more. You will be able to assess the color solutions and materials that will be used in the construction. 3D visualization of the exterior will also allow you to understand how best to place the house on the plot, what plants and trees will be suitable for creating a beautiful landscape and shade. You will be able to see how your house will look like at different times of the day and in different weather conditions.

In addition, 3D visualization of the exterior will help you save time and money that may be spent on changes to the project after the house has already been built. You will be able to make any changes to the design before construction begins.

UPLAND STUDIO is a team of professionals with extensive experience in creating commercial visualizations. Each project is realized taking into account the individual needs of the client and in accordance with the latest trends in design. We offer competitive prices for our services and do not impose additional services, always ready to advise the client on any issues. Contact us and get the result that will exceed your expectations.